David Andrew Massage
Acupressure, Chinese Bodywork, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage

Here's what people are saying about David:


"Oh my god I feel so relaxed, it's like you just cleansed my soul!"

         - Miriam V.


"Your hands are like heroin without the delusion of romance."

         - Kevin W.


"I just wanted to tell you that I had a very strong reaction to the session we had yesterday. I felt so energized and just really happy after our session--it really felt like a lot of my personal energy that had been tied up came back to me/opened up. It was really a gift, thank you."

           - Kelley S.


"David’s blend of Eastern and Western medical knowledge & philosophy has gotten me from a place of pain, tightness and limited mobility to almost normal functionality in only a few visits.  His holistic approach not only works the pain location, but also finds & works the corresponding points along the body channels that acupuncture follows.  Plus he provides me with several effective stretches and exercises to do at home. I’m in good hands with David!"

         - Krista L.


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